We aim to have a leading structural technology that combines design and engineering.

Based on our various experiences and technology in structural engineering, Hyundai Architects & Engineers Assoc. provides technical entrusting service such as structural design, structural safety inspection, value engineering, and technical support on site throughout construction project. We aim for the best customer satisfaction in fields of skyscrapers, R&D, Hitech & Biotech construction industries.

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We aim to play a leading role in information, modernization, and high energy efficiency.

Hyundai Architects & Engineers Assoc. provides design and supervision service for high quality electrical equipment, leading tele-communications equipment and fire/disaster prevention equipment suitable for modernized and specialized architecture. We will continue to reduce electricity consumption by applying renewable energy system such as Energy Storage System (ESS), hydrogen fuel cells, photovoltaic power generation system to high-tech industries and BEMS energy management system that combines tele-communications and Total Energy and Environment Management System (TEEMS) for improved convenience and efficiency, which will result in higher customer satisfaction.

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We aim to provide high-tech mechanical engineering considering eco-friendly and energy efficient design.

Hyundai Architects & Engineers Assoc. utilizes eco-friendly technology that minimizes energy use that provides comfort as well as optimizes building performance requirements. We are currently taking a lead in domestic and international automobile production plants, semiconductor and other industrial facilities, and we plan to focus on improving our competence in high-rise and high-tech facilities.

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