Design Management

We provide outstanding design management service for both domestic and international project sites.

Hyundai Architects & Engineers Assoc. provides total design management service at construction site of various projects such as Design & Build, and Turn-Key, which supports a successful project implementation. Through our 51-year experience and know-how with Hyundai E&C, we provide top notch service through design management that includes value engineering, schedule management, cost management, and quality management.

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Digital Design

We aim to take a leading role in the digital design.

Hyundai Architects & Engineers Assoc. is taking a variety of roles to ensure expertise in digital design technology. We aim to apply digital optimization technology including Building Information Moteling (BIM) in design phase, construction phase, and O&M etc. which will result in leading the future.

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Sustainable Design

We provide specialized "Total Green Solution" service
which maximizes energy efficiency of buldings and implements sustainability.

As a global sustainable leader, Hyundai Architects & Engineers Assoc. seeks "green optimized design" that reduces the environmental impact, conserves resources, and maximizes building comfort. We will use various tools to apply green technology to the design starting from the schematic design phase utilizing scientific analysis and simulation.

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Quality Control

We maximize customer satisfaction through total quality control system service.

The quality management system of Hyundai Architects & Engineers Assoc. systematically provides design and technical services such as design advisory, QC review, and design DB throughout design phase. We also aim to provide outstanding service for customer satisfaction through establishing Total Quality Control Management System, which consists of QC conference, QC review and quality inspection, ISO certification and criteria, design DB, and design details, etc.

Quality Control